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Saturday, September 12, 2009


The first few things that we were taught to do few months after we were born is to take the first few little steps. As we grow and mature, we gradually learn that indeed mobility leads us to places where we could learn more about life and people. Most of us love to travel and tour to visit places during special days of the year.
Getting to our destinations however, sometimes ,will turn out to be spiced up with unpleasant experiences. Recently, when I flew to Davao to catch up with some family emergency attendance, I was huddled at the international airport for many hours.
As a result, what was an excitement at the outset to travel after quite sometime were gone when I got stucked. I just wished to get over it soon enough. That was not only twice, but, thrice. I have booked my flight two days prior to my departure. But, what did I not know? Some very important informations about the status of some airlines schedules for travels. So, here I will feature some of the important information that one must gain to be more prepared with what will come in transit.

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