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Saturday, September 19, 2009


There are still very many people who do not know anything about climate change. I told one farmer friend in the province to travel to different places and see for himself the difference. But, the problem is he has not been to those places before. So, there is no way for him to tell the difference.

I told the farmer, see it is getting warmer these days. He answered, we are used to it because we are always in the farm either planting or harvesting, if not weeding. I said what about the rain? He said well, if it does not rain, we fetch water for the plants from the spring at the foot of the hill by installing back the bamboo poles that we had prepared just like pipes running through where we want water for the plants. But, usually the plants survive days without rain.

If this is the case among the lowly farmers that abound the underdevelop areas of the world, then, does it mean that the people who raised the issue of climate change and global warming are limited to highly urbanized areas?

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