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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Soon the legislators will be back in tract with their agenda on climate change and human activities in a world that has gone from win to win in the technology sphere. But, with the breath of the land mass on earth that is supposedly intended to support human and other organismic life, that has currently upheld growing number of people in poverty, where will the love for climate begin?

Almost everyone is talking about changes to arrest the current trend with which the global climate have gone into. Budget allocations in most nations have gone to extremes to sustain the bid to facilitate the move to change. But, there seems to be nothing going in terms of improving the lots of the underprivileged. I am sure, that my idea does not mean to begin with enriching the poor.

However, if we only realized the logic that 'plants grow up from soil'. This is if the soil is fertile. Then, plants would have the chance to grow and develop healthily. With healthy plants, organisms will likewise be healthy. In other words, it would be more realistic to look at the bottomline before jumping into the atmosphere. How can people solve what is right above the earth, or the atmospheric problem when right on the surface of the soil problems abound.

For the love of climate, even if the whole of humanity will help each other in easing up climatic changes, unless, something first and foremost is done to ease up the life condition right on the surface of the earth, nothing will be effective. Certainly, building subdivisions, high-rise buildings, pave streets, modern vehicles etc. is not a solution.

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