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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There are many places that I want to visit again these days. They have got many nooks worth seeing while enjoying the wonders of nature. One of these is Tagaytay City which is some kilometers from my place. It is actually just about 20 to 30 minutes ride away. Some months ago, we went there at early dawn just for some coffeee and cool morning breeze with matching morning dew-drops from leaves of plants around. What I like most in the area is the low temperature, the greens and scenic places atop mountainous ridges. Hotels and restaurants offers are just excellent too for a day or two in a quite jungle like place, sprawling over cities and a lake with one famous volcano in sight.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


There are still very many people who do not know anything about climate change. I told one farmer friend in the province to travel to different places and see for himself the difference. But, the problem is he has not been to those places before. So, there is no way for him to tell the difference.

I told the farmer, see it is getting warmer these days. He answered, we are used to it because we are always in the farm either planting or harvesting, if not weeding. I said what about the rain? He said well, if it does not rain, we fetch water for the plants from the spring at the foot of the hill by installing back the bamboo poles that we had prepared just like pipes running through where we want water for the plants. But, usually the plants survive days without rain.

If this is the case among the lowly farmers that abound the underdevelop areas of the world, then, does it mean that the people who raised the issue of climate change and global warming are limited to highly urbanized areas?

Friday, September 18, 2009


According to a recent study, majority of methane gas emissions to the atmosphere in North America comes from farm animals and not from factories of motorized engines. Clearly, this is idicative of the lack of knowledge among legislators, farmers, producers, investors, stockholders, and etc as regards the nature of the world's ecosystem, and the nature of animals. This is because if they knew, they would have stepped back for sometime and consider what kind of environment will their next generations have in the midst of their production style.

Methane gas is what is usually called natural gas or biogas. This is actually the type of gas that is widely employed as cooking fuel. A molecule of Methane contains one Carbon atom and four Hydrogen atoms.

Methane gas makers are the anaerobic microorganisms, or microorganisms that live in areas where there is no supply of air. They abound in swamps. They are also found in marshes. Moreover, they are found in the digestive tract or intestines of animals and men.

From out of the Hydrogen that is supposedly for the production of energy, the anaerobic microorganisms grab these to produce Methane gas. These gases are expelled to the environment by the animals through burfing and farting and eventually contribute to greenhouse effect.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Soon the legislators will be back in tract with their agenda on climate change and human activities in a world that has gone from win to win in the technology sphere. But, with the breath of the land mass on earth that is supposedly intended to support human and other organismic life, that has currently upheld growing number of people in poverty, where will the love for climate begin?

Almost everyone is talking about changes to arrest the current trend with which the global climate have gone into. Budget allocations in most nations have gone to extremes to sustain the bid to facilitate the move to change. But, there seems to be nothing going in terms of improving the lots of the underprivileged. I am sure, that my idea does not mean to begin with enriching the poor.

However, if we only realized the logic that 'plants grow up from soil'. This is if the soil is fertile. Then, plants would have the chance to grow and develop healthily. With healthy plants, organisms will likewise be healthy. In other words, it would be more realistic to look at the bottomline before jumping into the atmosphere. How can people solve what is right above the earth, or the atmospheric problem when right on the surface of the soil problems abound.

For the love of climate, even if the whole of humanity will help each other in easing up climatic changes, unless, something first and foremost is done to ease up the life condition right on the surface of the earth, nothing will be effective. Certainly, building subdivisions, high-rise buildings, pave streets, modern vehicles etc. is not a solution.

Monday, September 14, 2009


From any point in Metro Manila and suburbs, taxis abound. You can make numberless choices by just standing on the road for the pick. When you get one for the ride, immediately get the name and body number of the car and tell the driver to ferry you to the specific terminal.

If you are bound for Davao and you are going to fly on Cebu Pacific, then, you have to go to terminal 2. The fare is usually less than one hundred pesos for the taxi ride, because terminal 2 is just at the junction of Pasay City and Paranaque City. Right on the front part of the building, near the roof you can see the signage Terminal 2.

At the gate of the terminal you will find carts for your baggages. So, you can move into the boarding counter with ease.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Travel around the country through the air land and sea does not really take much. This could be one reason for the sudden influx of tourist in local spots all around. Reasonable fare deals are certainly another. In addition to the easy access to areas which were once out of touch.
So, it takes only some cash on hand, a credit card and an Identification card, to enjoy to the fullest the chances of visiting places, meeting people, taking photos, and may be do a little trading business on the side. Like some people just does not leave bare-handed. They bring along some seeds, stems, seedlings, plants, and favorite dishes. Some were also able to establish linkages directly to sources of materials they need for their business. While others got a peek on some spots that they intend to reside later. Next time that you think of travelling, just carry along your HSBC card and ID and have fun!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


On my fifth way back to Manila in March of 2009, I decided to see if I can get a seat on one of my favorite airlines. I have been traveling in it since the early seventies up to early 20’s. I just walk in on one of the counters at the airport and purchased my ticket with my credit card.
In less than fifteen minutes I got my ticket for Manila. In about an hour later I was already boarding the plane. The service was excellent.
I did not notice that the time passed by so fast. Before I could finish my second serving of coffee the steward was already announcing that the plane is about to land at the Manila International airport. Right on time, the plane was on the runway delivering us safely with a touch of class. It was indeed another exceptional experience of flying on the wings of Philippine Airlines.