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Friday, September 18, 2009


According to a recent study, majority of methane gas emissions to the atmosphere in North America comes from farm animals and not from factories of motorized engines. Clearly, this is idicative of the lack of knowledge among legislators, farmers, producers, investors, stockholders, and etc as regards the nature of the world's ecosystem, and the nature of animals. This is because if they knew, they would have stepped back for sometime and consider what kind of environment will their next generations have in the midst of their production style.

Methane gas is what is usually called natural gas or biogas. This is actually the type of gas that is widely employed as cooking fuel. A molecule of Methane contains one Carbon atom and four Hydrogen atoms.

Methane gas makers are the anaerobic microorganisms, or microorganisms that live in areas where there is no supply of air. They abound in swamps. They are also found in marshes. Moreover, they are found in the digestive tract or intestines of animals and men.

From out of the Hydrogen that is supposedly for the production of energy, the anaerobic microorganisms grab these to produce Methane gas. These gases are expelled to the environment by the animals through burfing and farting and eventually contribute to greenhouse effect.

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